Algebras, Operads and Rewriting

Saint - Étienne

September 30 – October 3, 2014


Over the recent years, rewriting theory has emerged as a powerful tool in the context of associative algebras and operad theory. In particular, it has found applications to the study of homological properties of these structures, such as computing explicit resolutions, homological finiteness properties and koszulness. The workshop is open to all the topics about computational aspects of algebras and operads and the algebraic aspects of rewriting theory, such as



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The meeting is supported by: ANR project CATHRE, Idex project FOCAL.


Pierre-Louis Curien (PPS, Paris 7), Stéphane Gaussent (ICJ, Saint-Étienne), Eric Hoffbeck (LAGA, Paris 13), Philippe Malbos (ICJ, Lyon 1), Joan Millès (IMT, Paul Sabatier), Samuel Mimram (CEA LIST).